Have you had a Clean Seal performed on your HVAC system? If not, then that sticker on your HVAC unit referring to efficiency is most likely lying to you! It is a lie by omission. Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that the efficiency rating on your HVAC unit assumes that your duct system is completely free of leaks and does not need any repair. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, over 95% of the homes in the United States have a significant amount of leakage in their duct system. Typical duct systems lose 25-40 percent of the heating and cooling energy put out by the central furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. Duct repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can do, however, if you install a new HVAC unit and don’t have the ducts cleanly sealed, that energy rating sticker is wrong.

Buying new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, and then hooking it up to the typical inefficient duct system, is like buying a super-fuel-efficient hybrid car and then driving it with a leak in the gas tank.

Get the efficiency you paid for and have Mr. Duct Cleaner’s certified professional pro seal clean team repair your ducts. Sealing your ducts is the best way to achieve maximum efficiency from your equipment.

Sealing and insulating your ducts increases system efficiency, lowers your energy bills, and can often pay for itself in energy savings. Plus, if you’re planning to install new heating and cooling equipment, a well-designed and sealed duct system may allow you to downsize to a smaller, less costly heating and cooling system that will provide better dehumidification.

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