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Mold and fungal growth in HVAC and air duct systems is common and can affect the indoor air quality in your home or business, consequently your health.

Do you see dark circles on your vent covers? Is there a musty smell? Have you or your family members been sick while at your home or business but not other places? Have you been through a mold remediation project? These are all indicators there is mold or fungus in your system.

  • Clean and treat vent covers
  • Clean, seal and treat the boots (area behind vent covers)
  • Clean the supply and return ducts
  • Clean the parts that makeup the air handler/furnace-
  • The coil, blower fan, heat strip, furnace cabinet,
    primary drain pan, and the supply and return plenums.
  • Fog the entire system with the appropriate EPA
  • Registered product

Mr. Duct Cleaner installs the Aerus Air Scrubber
(installed in the HVAC system) to reduce or prevent regrowth and continuously improve your indoor air quality

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