Ducts and HVAC systems still get dirty!

Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that it is the time of year to possibly turn on the furnace. In Texas, it is possible to run the air conditioning and the heater on the same day! In Denver Colorado, it is time to think about that furnace. Turning your HVAC system on and off can lead to moisture and humidity buildup. Mold likes to grow in warm, moist conditions. When your HVAC system is off, the dirt and fungal spores settle in your ducts and heat up. When your HVAC system is turned back on, that dirt pile, contaminants, and mold spores get pushed out through the supply into rooms in your home.

Dirt build-up is exacerbated by “buttoning up” your home. Unfortunately, the desire to keep occupants comfortable and utility bills lower by keeping the doors and windows shut and limiting the number of times the outdoor air is accessed means that dirty air cannot escape and gets continuously recycled through your HVAC system. Your air filter can only catch so much, and it typically filters only a small portion of the intake air into your HVAC system.

Now is the perfect time to get your HVAC and duct system cleaned. The Mr. Duct Cleaner professionals can turn off your system one unit at a time and clean the HVAC units and the ducts associated with that unit. The typical time to clean one average unit and the corresponding ducts is approximately 2.5 hours for a two-person crew. Our professional team of duct cleaning technicians goes above and beyond the NADCA-certified process. We will provide you with on-the-spot pictures as proof of a full clean.

Want to have continuously clean air after your duct cleaning? We can install the Aerus Air Scrubber.  Every time you turn on your HVAC system, the Aerus Air Scrubber introduces hydrogen peroxide ions (purification warriors) that will attach to fungus, dirt, mold, viruses (including COVID-19) and other contaminants in the air. The ions will deactivate whatever they attach to, and it falls to the floor, inert and unable to harm. Yes, it may mean a little more sweeping, mopping, and dusting, but it is better if the dirt ends up in the trash bin and not in your lungs.

Tighten up your home and get ready for the cold and contact us for your free estimate.