Mr. Duct Cleaner asks, what’s the most frugal thing you can do to improve your air quality? The answer may surprise you. Open your windows and doors and let the fresh outside air come in! (We don’t want bugs added, so hopefully, you have screens in place).

For most people, this will work to alleviate a lot of dirty air. This seems counterintuitive. We tend to think of the pollens and allergens outside and think by opening the windows and doors we are letting dirty air in. If there is pollen and allergens in the outside air, they are also in your inside air. Adding new sources of air to your indoor air and circulating your indoor VOCs outside is a good thing. This simple action is one of the best ways for you to “clean” your air.

According to NADCA, the average residential home accumulates over 40 pounds of dirt per year. Viruses and Mold like to grow in moist places. Your home’s HVAC system creates moisture as it distributes comfortable air throughout your home. Your HVAC system could be a place for mold and other viruses to hide.

What are the top three things you can do to clean your indoor air?
1) On a warm spring day create a cross-flow of air with your fans and open windows
2) Run the exhaust fan in your bathroom when you are using it (especially during showers)
3) Get your air ducts and HVAC System cleaned by the professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner

For continuous air cleaning, have Mr. Duct Cleaner install an Aerus Air Scrubber. Once installed correctly by the professionals, every time you turn on your HVAC unit air purification warriors are sent through the air to attach to the bad actors and deactivate them.

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