It is cold outside. When an air quality expert tells me I should open a window, my whole body shivers at the thought and my mind immediately goes to “Are you crazy?”. I don’t want to face the discomfort and the reheating costs that come from letting the cold air in, no matter how good it is for my indoor air quality. Okay, I’ve heard about those fanatical polar bear club folks who jump in the cold water on the first of January, and I can honestly say that it does not appeal to me at all. Yes, there are a lucky few who live in Southern Florida and Southern Texas and those year-round warm temperature folks, but most of us do not have the everyday luxury of opening a window and letting the outside air in.

There has to be another way to get clean indoor air. Mr. Duct Cleaner knows what the answer is, to have an Aerus Air Scrubber installed. When Mr. Duct Cleaner professionally installs an Aerus Air Scrubber to your HVAC unit, it is comparable to ripping the roof off your home and allowing the sun to shine in and clean the air! (We do not literally rip off the roof, I said comparable to).

The Aerus Air Scrubber uses technology originally designed for NASA and for use on the Space Station to deal with dead organisms and actors floating around in the space station’s recirculated air. When your HVAC unit is turned on, regardless of whether it is heating or cooling, the air is pushed through the patented honeycomb within the Aerus Air Scrubber unit. The unit sends out “purification warriors”, Hydrogen Peroxide Ions, that travel through the air and find viruses (yes including COVID), mold spores, other fungal growth, germs, and many other bad contaminants. Once the purification warrior runs into the contaminant, it attaches itself to it and deactivates it, so it becomes harmless dirt and falls to the floor. Typically, this occurs within 90 seconds of introduction into the air.

The system is safe to use and is installed throughout the world in many residential and commercial facilities. Hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, state buildings, and schools have working Aerus Air Scrubbers. When the professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner install the system, it is warranted for 5 years, and the honeycomb inside is warranted for 2 years.

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