Which room in your house has that uneven temperature? The room that is always cold when the rest of the house is warm, or hot when the rest of the house is cold. Most likely, you have moved stuff around, got up in the attic, or gone down in the basement and checked to see if all the ductwork is attached. Everything seems to be ok, but the uneven temperature persists.

Mr. Duct Cleaner has good news for you. You do not have to replace your HVAC unit or upgrade to a bigger system. The problem can be fixed simply by having the certified professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner thoroughly clean and SEAL your duct system.

Clean Seal’s patented sealing process eliminates leaks in your ductwork, even the ones you can’t see, facilitating a smoother, more consistent flow of air. Sealing your vents and ducts directs the air where it’s needed, rather than into unused areas like your basement, attic, or crawl space. This significantly improves uneven temperatures in your home. In fact, homes with temperature differences of up to 10 degrees have seen these reduced to just 1 or 2 degrees after sealing.

Duct sealing does NOT have to happen regularly. Once Mr. Duct Cleaner seals your ducts, the seal is warranted for 10 years, assuming that Mr. Duct Cleaner is the only duct cleaner used during the 10 years. There has never been a failure in an Aeroseal duct seal. The sealant has been lab-tested for 40 years.

Sealing your ducts has more benefits than just fixing that uneven temperature room. Let’s call this blog part 1 of the many reasons you should have your ducts cleaned and sealed by Mr. Duct Cleaner.

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