See the leakage points in the picture? They are taken at a newly constructed Net Zero energy-efficient home in Canada, by the Pro Seal duct cleaning masters at Superducts.

You may have been so lucky as to purchase a newly constructed, Net Zero, ecologically minded, and energy-efficient home; and you don’t think you need to have a Clean Seal on your duct system since it is new. This picture shows why you are most likely wrong. A newly installed duct system can have significant leakage. You could fully inspect every single inch and use a lot of outside sealant and tape and screws to try to mitigate the leakage. However, it is a lot cheaper to have the Pro Clean Seal team at Mr. Duct Cleaner perform a clean seal on your HVAC and duct system.

Let’s get a little grittier with the truth about what the building contractor did when faced with this picture. The motive of most building contractors is to build to the specifications at the cheapest price possible. So, when Superducts presented this to the foreman on the job as proof that the ducts not only needed cleaning but also sealing, they heard the death knell of all subcontractors showing why there should be a change order – “you have to run it by the contractor.” The contractor, when faced with this picture said, “It is not in the budget, so we are not doing it.” So much for Net Zero and energy efficiency.

A disclaimer- not all building contractors are the same, so when choosing a contractor to build your dream home, ask folks how “ethical” they are and how they handle needed change orders.

One of the easiest ways to find out if your home has a 10-year clean seal warranty is to ask for the Aeroseal Clean Seal report. This data is kept centrally in case the certificate gets lost and the certificate is designated to the property. If you are buying a home, ask for the certificate. If you are selling a home, let the potential buyers know that your property comes with the Pro Clean Seal warranty.

Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner for your Clean Seal quote. We can typically do it over the phone!