You’ve taken the first step and decided indoor air quality is important.  Mr. Duct Cleaner is proud of you for figuring out that the air you breathe has a lot to do with your well-being and it is beneficial to both your health and your pocketbook! (clean systems are more energy efficient).

Time to find an expert to clean your HVAC system and your ducts.  What is the easiest way to tell if a company is a professional duct cleaner?  Ask for their NADCA certificate.  Ask them if they are a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.  This is a voluntary organization whose members pride themselves on cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems correctly using professional industry standards.  To become a member of NADCA, the Mr. Duct Cleaner franchisees must pass a rigorous in-person, monitored test.  Each year, the franchisees must take renewal classes to stay educated on the latest developments in duct and HVAC system cleaning and must pass a test on these current subjects.

NADCA certification is so important that most commercial duct and HVAC system cleaning jobs cannot be performed without proof of NADCA membership and ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) certification.

Why do you want a professional?  Special, specifically designed equipment is necessary to do a thorough job of duct and HVAC system cleaning. Since most customers cannot see inside their ducts, you must trust that it is being done properly.

All Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchisees take before and after pictures and attach them to your invoice.  Technicians are all trained and must follow a step-by-step process that includes completing a checklist to start, perform and complete a job.

Do not fall for the cheap duct cleaning scammers. Who knows who they are sending into your home and what exactly they are going to do for the Low Low price? Do you really want a cheap surgeon? Or a good one?  Same with duct cleaning.  There is great value in using a trusted home service provider such as Mr. Duct Cleaner to perform the duct and HVAC system cleaning completely and correctly the first time.  We have performed over 16,000 jobs and counting and have excellent reviews.

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