One of the most common questions Mr. Duct Cleaner receives is “When should I change my air filter?”

The answer to all good questions, as our own Dr. Joseph Rei likes to say is, …. “It depends”.

  • It depends upon what type of filter is in your system to begin with. If it is a cheap filter, it should probably be changed more regularly than an expensive filter.
  • When was the last time you changed the filter? If you can’t remember- it is probably time.
  • It depends upon what type of “air contamination pressure” is put on the HVAC and duct system. How many people and animals live in the home? How many guests and occasional occupants have you had? The more pressure, the sooner the air filter should be changed.
  • Do you have people living on the property that have higher allergy sensitivities? Are immune compromised and more susceptible to contaminants and viruses? Change it more.
  • Have you had a smoke or water damage event that has contributed to more possible “bad actors”, fungal growth, or added to the smell in the air? It most likely is time to change the filter.

Changing your filter often is one of the best ways to keep your HVAC and duct system running efficiently between a full HVAC and duct system cleaning. However, remember that changing your filter is like changing your door mat, dirt still gets past, and eventually your whole floor (HVAC and Duct System in this case) needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

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