Mr. Duct Cleaner waves goodbye to Halloween and looks toward the Winter holiday season. Is your home ready for guests? What about your indoor air quality? Because we do not typically see the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Do you have a pregnant family member visiting? Are there any people with immune deficiency disorders? Is someone sensitive to mold and other allergens? How about COVID-19 susceptible guests? Be proactive with your indoor air quality. Before they visit is the perfect time to use the holistic approach to cleaning the air – have Mr. Duct Cleaner thoroughly clean your entire HVAC system.

Mr. Duct Cleaner uses specially designed equipment to clean the dirt, contaminants, viruses, and fungal growth (mold) out of your HVAC unit and duct system. We can do this all with no chemicals, just the machine (using a HEPA filter) and the vacuums and brushes if you request. If you have a lingering smell, have had a smoke event, or have a major fungal (mold) presence we suggest an antimicrobial fog or an ozone fogging. These chemicals are tested by the EPA and are considered safe. They are not necessary to the process, so if you want to stay completely chemical-free, we can clean without any chemicals.

Want to further ensure the health of your guests? After the professional cleaning with Mr. Duct Cleaner, have an Aerus Air Scrubber installed. This scrubber activates every time your HVAC system is turned on, whether it is to cool, to heat, or just to run the fan. It constantly emits Hydrogen Peroxide Ions (purification warriors) into the air through a honeycomb system. These ions attach to the contaminants and deactivate them within 90 seconds of introduction into the air! This holistic approach to air quality was originally designed and used for the space station.

Get your indoor air ready for your guests before the holiday rush. Contact us for your Free Estimate.