Mr. Duct Cleaner recently cleaned a property that had a kitchen fire. Once the fire was extinguished and the emergency services folks were gone, the remediation people got to work. Mr. Duct Cleaner was called for the last step to getting things back to normal. The homeowner was so impressed with the clean air and the elimination of the smell from the HVAC system that they asked, “How long will this last?”

The answer to all good questions is…. It depends. It depends on how often you change your air filter. It depends on how many people, animals, plants and other contributors to dirt and dust live or visit the property. It depends on how often you can open your windows and doors and allow the fresh air in. It depends on the reactions and how sensitive the people living in the space are to mold, fungal growth, dust mites, and other allergens.

If you want continuously clean indoor air, Mr. Duct Cleaner knows the best solution is after having your HVAC and duct system cleaned, allow us to professionally install an Aerus Air Scrubber. Every time your HVAC system starts, the air gets pushed through the honeycomb in the Aerus Air Scrubber. The air scrubber creates hydrogen peroxide ions (purification warriors) that travel throughout your air seeking bad contaminants. They attach to those contaminants and deactivate them. Removing them from the air and turning them into harmless dirt to be cleaned away.

Yes – the first week or so of activation you will have to dust and clean your floors more but realize that you are cleaning away the now rendered “harmless” remnants of the indoor air quality battle. We would rather have you clean the inert and inactive contaminants off the floor rather than breathe in the live viruses.

Ready to breathe continuously clean air? Contact us for your FREE HVAC and duct system cleaning AND get a quote on installing an Aerus Air Scrubber.