Looking for that unique gift? Is there a friend or a loved one that is allergy-sensitive or immunocompromised on your list? Mr. Duct Cleaner suggests you give them the gift of continuously cleaned indoor air: the Aerus Air Scrubber.

Hear me out. I know you are thinking, “Air scrubber? Really? Isn’t that like giving someone a vacuum cleaner?”

No. It is much better. It is like buying them a carpet cleaning robot, only this scrubs the air and all the surfaces. Every time your HVAC system is turned on the Aerus Air Scrubber pushes purification warrior molecules into the air and throughout your whole home. These hydrogen peroxide ions grab onto any bad actors (including flu, mold, and even COVID-19 germs) in your home and deactivate them, turning them into harmless dust. It means a bit more dirt to clean up after it is first installed, but better harmless dirt that gets thrown away.

The Aerus Air scrubbers need to be professionally installed, and Mr. Duct Cleaner can provide them, install them, and make sure the 5-year warranty is registered.

Last year, Mr. Duct Cleaner had some members of a church congregation pay to have the pastor’s home cleaned. His whole family is now breathing easier from this thoughtful gift, not to mention the lower utility bills. Cleaning your system can improve your air and can increase operational efficiency, typically decreasing heating and cooling costs. “Best present ever” was the quote.

This is a great gift for a group to go in on. Think outside of the box this year. Contact any of the Mr. Duct Cleaner franchisees to give the gift that keeps on giving, which is better indoor air quality. We can give you a gift certificate and make arrangements around the recipient’s schedule to get it done.