Mr. Duct Cleaner has a problem: What we do is not always easy to see. The dirt and contaminants that are hiding in your ducts are not visible, so when we clean, you don’t immediately see the improvement, you FEEL the improvement.

Professionally cleaning the HVAC and duct system of dirt, debris, and VOCs require trained technicians using specialized equipment to access the hidden parts of your home. You trust that we are doing the job correctly. Mr. Duct Cleaner franchises are all NADCA certified and have successfully performed over 20,000 jobs and counting. To become a member of NADCA, the Mr. Duct Cleaner franchisees must pass a rigorous in-person, monitored test. Each year, the franchisees must take renewal classes to stay educated on the latest developments in duct and HVAC system cleaning and must pass a test on these current subjects.

NADCA certification is so important that most commercial duct and HVAC system cleaning jobs cannot be performed without proof of NADCA membership and ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) certification.

The instant benefits of clean ducts can be documented with photos. We take pictures of dirty supplies, returns, and HVAC systems and provide matching clean HVAC systems and ducts photos. However, a lot of the particles and bad actors we are cleaning are not visible to the naked eye, let alone the camera, and the energy savings and improved indoor air quality are subtle changes that take time to feel.

The recent Colorado State University 5-year study documented that cleaning your HVAC and duct system results in better indoor air quality and substantial energy efficiency. According to the study, cleaning your HVAC system can also result in longer-lasting equipment. When Mr. Duct Cleaner is finished professionally cleaning your property, a picture comparison shows the big dirt difference; but the benefits to indoor air quality and longevity of equipment will be felt over the long term.

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