A typical household accumulates forty pounds, YES 40 lbs of dirt in their ducts per year! NADCA – the National Air Duct Cleaners Association – estimates that close to 40 pounds of dirt accumulate in your HVAC system. Don’t believe it? Think about how dirty your kitchen floor or bathroom gets in one week. Think about how much dirt your carpets accumulate in one week. Yes, gravity makes a lot of stuff fall to the floor. However, every time there is a breeze, or a fan, or someone walks in, or a bathroom fan or kitchen fan is turned on the dirt gets in the air and circulates.

Dirt, allergens, dust mites, mold, and other yucky things are accumulating in your ducts and HVAC units. The more people, pets, cooking, and cleaning happen, the more dirt accumulates. You cannot stop it. Life creates dirt. Turning your HVAC system on and off just lets the dirt settle in your ducts.

You do not see the dirt. Your utilities do. Dirty motors run less efficiently than clean motors. NADCA estimates that cleaning your HVAC and duct system can lead to 20-30% energy savings. Think about what happens to your vacuum cleaner when you do not clean it out. Now think about how it runs after the dirt has been dumped and the filter changed.

Energy efficiency is not the only benefit of cleaning your HVAC and duct system. Your home will smell better after Mr. Duct Cleaner professionally cleans your duct and HVAC system. For those lingering smells, like cigarette smoke, burnt food, decomposing plants, and other contributors, Mr. Duct Cleaner can fog your home with an OZONE component.

Another benefit of HVAC and duct cleaning is better indoor air quality. Your family should be able to breathe better after your HVAC and duct systems are cleaned. Also, if you want continuous air scrubbing between duct cleanings, Mr. Duct Cleaner can professionally install an Aerus Air scrubber.

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