Let us clear something up. Mr. Duct Cleaner cleans ducts, not ducks.  We get it, they sound alike. Lots of people make the mistake of calling a duct system a duck system.  Heck, even the closed captioning and talk-to-text folks read the word “duct” as “duck”.  However you search for us, we want to show up. If you search for duck cleaning, we hope the social media universe identifies Mr. Duct Cleaner as an option and asks if you meant to search for “duct cleaning” instead of “duck cleaning”.

Mr. Duct Cleaner professionally cleans HVAC systems and duct systems.  Our equipment is specifically designed to clean ducts, not ducks.  There are many businesses that dabble in duct cleaning as an add-on.  Mr. Duct Cleaner concentrates completely on the duct and HVAC system.  Our personnel is trained to clean ducts and HVAC systems and work with the specialized equipment every day.

If you have a duck and need it cleaned for some reason, call a pet groomer.   If you have someone living at home that is highly sensitive to allergens, or if you have a lot of pets, if you have had a water damage event, have had a remodel or mold remediation or you simply haven’t had your duct and HVAC system cleaned in over three years, call Mr. Duct Cleaner.  We also provide a few other services that improve indoor air quality.

Contact us for your FREE estimate for duct cleaning.  Sorry, we do not clean ducks. Perhaps one of those other companies that do everything can do it.  I bet you it will not be cheap.