Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that the CSU study by Nasim Ildiri proved that cleaning your HVAC and duct system leads to energy efficiency and utility savings. It also proved that cleaning your HVAC and duct system leads to better indoor air quality. A further useful conclusion was that cleaning your HVAC and duct system leads to longer equipment life!

If you think about it, it makes sense. A clean HVAC system not only runs more efficiently, but it also lasts longer. The system does not have to fight the accumulated contaminants and gunk. It can freely create warm or cold air and push it throughout the building, so it doesn’t have to work as hard as a dirty system, therefore it lasts longer. Maintenance costs are also less for a clean system versus and dirty HVAC system.

As a reminder from the last two Mr. Duct Cleaner blogs, the five-year Colorado State University study focused on school buildings that had twin systems. One system was set up as the “control”. It was left as is. No HVAC unit cleaning, no duct cleaning. The other system was professionally cleaned, including the unit and all the ducts associated with the unit. This meant that outside air, demand on the systems, and other variable factors remained the same. The only difference between the two was that one system was professionally cleaned, the other was not.

1. HVAC cleaning can reduce system energy consumption.
2. HVAC cleaning can reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment lifetime.
3. HVAC cleaning can improve indoor air quality.

Mr. Duct Cleaner has gotten this feedback from almost every commercial and residential job we have performed. It is nice to know there is a scientific study that backs up our firsthand knowledge.
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