A Clean Seal was performed by Mr. Duct Cleaner Denver on their personal home, and the results were astounding: A 95% improvement from initial leakage to final leakage was achieved! This is the actual report generated upon the completion of the clean seal process by the now Pro Seal Certified Denver team.

An explanation of the report:
CFM is a measurement term that stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. When there is 1 CFM of leakage in a minute, that is the equivalent of the air that would be inside 1 basketball. After cleaning the duct system, the Pro Seal Team Members from Mr. Duct Cleaner Denver insert a manometer and set up the Clean Seal system so they can get a baseline measurement on how many basketballs of air are leaking from the system before sealing.

In this real example, there were 450 CFM (450 basketballs PER MINUTE) that were leaking from the HVAC system ducts. That is the equivalent of an 85-square-inch hole in your system. That means that all that conditioned air goes out to the wrong places, and all the unconditioned air can seep in through the holes bringing in nasty smells and VOCs (since it did not go through the filter).

After the clean seal was performed, the leakage was reduced to 25 CFM (25 basketballs per minute). This represents a 94.5% improvement! Wow. Martin White, the owner of the home and the owner of Mr. Duct Cleaner Denver is now actually looking forward to his electric bill this month since he knows on average the savings are anywhere from 17% – 40%.

You might be asking why we don’t take the leakage down to zero percent? Because in this case perfect is the enemy of good. To take it to exactly zero, we would have to spend a lot more money and waste a lot of materials on the last few basketballs, and an airtight system is not necessarily a good thing.

Martin White’s home now has a 10-year warranty on the seal, as long as Mr. Duct Cleaner is the only company cleaning the ducts (we can seal the leaks but, we cannot stop dust from forming). An added benefit, Martin’s wife, Lee, went to do a workout in the basement the day after the Clean Seal and realized suddenly that cold air was blowing on her. A vent that was in the basement room was blowing out conditioned air!

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