Mr. Duct Cleaner has heard the question lately, “Is it possible to get your indoor air so clean that it is unhealthy?” As more people are purchasing the highly effective Aerus Air Scrubber the nay-sayers and cheap competitors are questioning the need for cleaner indoor air and are hinting that air can be too clean. Really? That is comparable to saying you can have a “too clean bathroom!” Impossible.

Robert Phalen, an air pollution researcher, is defending earlier comments that the air can be “a little too clean” for children’s health as grounded in the broader field of pulmonary medicine. “The children raised on farms and with pets have lower asthma rates due to the [setting] of lifelong respiratory tract defenses early in their lives,” He is asserting the “Hygiene Hypothesis” – which is that the rise of allergy and autoimmune diseases is due to rampant cleanliness.

Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that in today’s environment, there is no such thing as “too clean” air. Every time a door is opened, possible contaminants are introduced to your indoor air. Humans and animals have the potential to carry bad actors from outside. Every time you spray a chemical to clean, possible contaminants are introduced. Simply living in your space means that dead skin cells and hair populate your indoor air. Cooking and eating indoors means that microbial from the cooking process, the food, and from inside our bodies are introduced to our indoor air.

Being exposed to a few of these types of contaminants does not mean you can build a “tolerance” to dirty air. Continuously cleaning your indoor air is not a bad thing. It is not possible to have “too clean” air.

If you or your loved ones are sensitive to certain molds, viruses, and VOC’s there is no such thing as “too clean” and you should have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned regularly as well as install an Aerus Air Scrubber to combat the 40 pounds of dirt that accumulates every year in your ducts.

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