We all know the feeling.  Working hard in the heat, getting the job done despite the sweat and humidity.  All you want is to go inside, take a shower and put your feet up to relax.  Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that your HVAC system is also feeling this way.   It has been a long summer.   Your air conditioner has been working overtime to keep you cool.  High constant temperatures resulted in air conditioners running constantly 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Isn’t it time to give it a rest and clean?  Now is the perfect time to clean all the dirt, dust, contaminants, and fungal growth from your HVAC and duct system.

The more people and pets you have and the longer they stay inside, the more dirt gets sucked into your ducts.  Where does dust come from? Believe it or not, it comes from you, your stuff, the other inhabitants of your house (invited and uninvited), and the outside. The dust in your house has many sources, however the more you stay inside, the more dust you are likely to create.

While you are giving your air conditioner a rest, Mr. Duct Cleaner can give your HVAC system the cleaning it needs to run more efficiently.  Our professional technicians will use equipment specifically designed to clean HVAC and duct systems.   We like to clean the whole system. Once those ducts are free of dirt, dander, dust, and fungal growth, because your HVAC unit has also been cleaned,  turning on your system means clean air blows through those clean ducts.

Give your HVAC system a break.  Have Mr. Duct Cleaner scrub it clean.  Contact us for your FREE estimate.