The holiday season is here, and business and property owners are juggling employees’ schedules and holiday hours. This is also the time of year when many businesses examine their profit and loss statements to see if there is any way to cut costs.

Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that this is the perfect time to have your HVAC and duct systems cleaned. Cut down on absenteeism and improve the overall health of your employees by improving indoor air quality. Schedule your HVAC and duct system cleaning with the elves at Mr. Duct Cleaner and you can improve indoor air quality and the overall air quality of your employees at the same time, investing in your employees’ health and wellness.

Our specially trained elves work during the “off days” which are days that are between the official holiday and the next official work week and can typically complete an office or whole home clean during that time. Now is the time to reserve your spot on our schedule so when your workers and customers return to the office or store after the holidays you can rest assured that the indoor air quality will be improved.

An investment in cleaning your HVAC system and improving your indoor air quality is an investment in your employees and customer’s health. Keeping your employees healthy translates to fewer sick days and better morale. Mr. Duct Cleaner recommends that most commercial systems be cleaned every 2-3 years depending upon the maintenance regimen and the demand on the HVAC system. Outbreaks of COVID and RSV may warrant cleaning more often.

Contact us for your FREE estimate and get on the Mr. Duct Cleaner team of elves’ schedule.