This blog is not written by AI, and this is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Recently Mr. Duct Cleaner got a call from company XYZ. They wanted to know if we had cameras and whether we could diagnose if a duct was cleaned properly. A homeowner who suspected a mold problem had their ducts cleaned and they were complaining it was not done correctly. No air was coming out and they suspected the duct had been disconnected. Also, they were still getting black spots coming out of their vents.

Our franchise owner asked them “Who cleaned the ducts?”

“We did – we bought a machine and tried to do it ourselves.” company XYZ answered. “It seemed like an easy thing to do, and we wanted to increase our profit margin.”

“Are you NADCA certified? Have you had special training on cleaning ducts and particularly fungal growth?” we asked.

“No” they answered.

“I’m sorry, we only do diagnostics and take pictures when the professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner do the work we do not clean up after amateurs”. We really did not call them amateurs, but we wanted to. That is not nice, and we would like to maintain our business referral relationships.

I’m not sure what eventually happened to the unhappy homeowner.

Proper HVAC and duct system cleaning requires an expert to use specially designed tools correctly. Our technicians are trained to work with just about any HVAC system and have the power of the Franchise and team support behind them. We are the experts when it comes to mold cleanup. Duct and HVAC system cleaning is all we do (including the installation of an Aerus Air Scrubber for continuous indoor air quality improvement as part of cleaning).

Mr. Duct Cleaner works regularly with referral partners. We work together to offer homeowners expert services in HVAC and duct cleaning. If your HVAC company, cleaning company, remodeling company, or remediation company offers duct cleaning as part of their service, find out more about that service. The easiest way to find out if they are using professionals is to ask if Mr. Duct Cleaner will be involved in your project.

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