Spring is the perfect time to clean your HVAC and Duct Systems.  One of the best things you can do to improve your indoor air quality is to open a window. Second best?  Have Mr. Duct Cleaner clean your ducts and HVAC system and Install an Aerus Air Scrubber.  To efficiently clean your system, we need to turn it off.  Springtime is perfect because you can open your windows and “start” the cleaning while we turn your system off so we can thoroughly clean your HVAC and ducts.  While you clean your home of a winter’s worth of dirt and dust, Mr. Duct Cleaner can clean the dirt from all your ducts in your home.

All the Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchisees employ trained technicians and use professional equipment to effectively clean the dirt and gunk out of your HVAC system.  When they are finished cleaning your system, we can install an Aerus Air scrubber to constantly send out air purification warrior ions that attach to the bad things in the air and deactivate them.

Everyone deserves to live and work in a comfortable indoor environment. This includes breathing clean air free from allergens and pollutants caused by dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other organic growth, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that collect inside air ducts, and HVAC systems. Clean air ducts will reduce allergens and dust in your home, help your A/C unit work more efficiently and last longer, and will most likely lower your air conditioning and heating bills.

It is time to clean. It is time to open the windows and spiff up everything in your home, including your HVAC system.  Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner and get a FREE estimate for cleaning your ducts.  Breathe easier and with the confidence that your indoor air quality is the best it can be.