Many elderly people are choosing to stay home rather than relocate to a senior facility or a nursing home.  Diminished vision and hearing, cognitive decline, and limitations in mobility are just a few of the many challenges brought on by aging. Despite these conditions, according to the AARP, 76% of adults 50 and older want to remain in their current homes.

You can make your senior loved one’s experience at home better. A clean HVAC and duct system leads to better quality indoor air.  Installation of an Aerus Air Scrubber can guarantee that every time the system is turned on, purification warriors consisting of hydrogen peroxide molecules are pushed through the air, finding bad particles, attaching to them, and deactivating them.  Fungus, mold, covid 19 variants, and other viruses do not last more than three minutes.

Duct and HVAC system cleaning is one of the first steps you can take to improve indoor air quality. Mr. Duct Cleaner gives FREE in-home estimates to ensure that you are getting the ideal combination of duct cleaning, HVAC system cleaning, and other indoor air quality products and services.  Contact us to schedule.

While aging at home can present new challenges, there are plenty of resources available to help facilitate staying put.  Living in Texas? Here is a resource to help seniors and their families determine if aging at home is a viable option. They have detailed programs, services, and other forms of support available to help aging residents continue to live at home. You can view it, as well as a guide to in-home care, here: