Duct and HVAC system cleaning is not a scam.  Not a scam when you use a professional NADCA-certified duct cleaner, Mr. Duct Cleaner that is. Cleaning your ducts and HVAC system can improve efficiency and health.

Improving indoor air quality can lead to better smells, cheaper utility bills, and overall healthier occupants.  The past few years have taught us to pay attention to those things in our homes and office that we cannot see.  The dirt inside your ducts is not easily visible.  But, you can be assured that just as the dust is settling on your dresser, it is settling inside your air duct vents and your HVAC unit as well.   This dirt accumulates over time.  It forces your HVAC unit to work harder. Clean motors run better than dirty ones.  It impairs the airflow through your home.  Your ducts may be cool, but dirt, dust, and fungus accumulation can stop the cool air from circulating through your home.  NADCA estimates that 30-40 pounds of dirt can accumulate in one year!  Time to call in the professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner.

What makes Mr. Duct Cleaner professional?  We have been in business for over 12 years and have performed approximately 12,000 duct and HVAC system cleanings.  We use only workers trained by us, and on our payroll, no contractors.  Our technicians use shoe covers and plastic to protect your home from the little bit of dust that might fall as we take down and clean your vents.  Our equipment is specifically designed for duct cleaning and our technicians concentrate only on HVAC and duct cleaning and other specific products and services designed to improve indoor air quality.

Mr. Duct Cleaner gives free in-home estimates.  We have a stellar reputation built upon showing up on time, doing what we say we are going to do, and charging what we agreed upon with our customers.  We take pictures of our work, before and after so you can rest assured your ducts and HVAC system have been properly cleaned.

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before and after duct cleaning