Happy New Year from Mr. Duct Cleaner. Our team support and franchisees are determined to make
2022 a good and prosperous year for our families, our staff and team support, our referral partners, and
our customers. We hope to spend more time together and to stay healthy.
Although this last year has been somewhat challenging, we believe things will be better next year. All
the good business books say to reach your goals you need to clearly define them. What’s the difference
between goals and resolutions? Resolutions are just methods to reach your goals. Here is Mr. Duct

1. Expand our franchisee network to 30 territories across the United States.
2. Educate our referral partners and customers about the importance of regularly cleaning your
ducts and HVAC systems.
3. Improve indoor air quality in more than three times as many homes and commercial properties.
4. Improve the work, life balance of our employees and our franchisees and team support.
5. Spread the word about Aerus Air Scrubbers and their ability to deactivate the covid virus as well
as kill mold spores and other allergens in the air.

As 2021 closes and we begin the year 2022, Mr. Duct Cleaner wishes you and yours a happy new year.
May all your resolutions and goals be fulfilled.

p.s. If one of your goals is to live healthier by breathing cleaner air, call us for a FREE estimate
p.p.s. You didn’t think I would write a blog without a Free estimate plug, did you?