Cleaning your HVAC and duct system can lead to a 20-30% increase in efficiency.

Usually, when Mr. Duct Cleaner talks about cleaning your HVAC and duct system people think about indoor air quality. While it is true that cleaning all of your ducts and your HVAC units leads to better breathing, better air quality, and a little more peace of mind since the 40 pounds of dirt that tends to accumulate a year in your system has been removed, people tend to forget that your HVAC system should run more efficiently!

Think about a dirty motor versus a clean one. If dirt is allowed to accumulate on the gears and the basic components of an HVAC motor, that motor must work harder and use more energy to push air through the system. If the box that houses the HVAC unit (the plenum) is allowed to accumulate dirt and fungal growth, that dirt easily transfers into your HVAC coils and other components, hindering them from operating at their best. Dirty air is harder to heat or cool and push through the system. Dirty components have to use more energy to properly heat or cool your home.

“But I change my filter every month, so why do I need to get my ducts cleaned?” Changing your filter and not cleaning your dirty system is comparable to changing your walk-in mat on the floor and leaving your floors dirty. Occasionally, you need to have your entire HVAC system cleaned. How often? It depends upon the demand for your system and the needs of the people living in your home.

If you have a lot of pets, are a smoker, and have a lot of guests coming in and out, you probably need to have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned every two years or so. If someone is living in a household that has allergies and immune deficiencies and is sensitive to chemicals, mold, fungal growth, and dust mites, you should probably have your ducts and HVAC system cleaned every year to 18 months.

If you need continuous cleaning, the best solution is to have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned by Mr. Duct Cleaner and then have us professionally install an Aerus Air Scrubber.

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