Hard working Mr. Duct Cleaner employees

Work hard and play hard

Mr. Duct Cleaner is very lucky to have such smart, hard-working employees.  On Labor Day, we will give them the day off in appreciation for all they do and in hopes that they will take the time to enjoy the holiday with their families.

During Covid, it would be easy to sit at home and not work.  Our employees chose to work. We are very thankful for that. They are well trained, and they work hard.  Duct cleaning is typically a hot, tiresome job.  Our employees work diligently to clean ducts and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality.

We know that property owners trust us to take care of their home and protect their belongings as we clean.  We are the maids of the HVAC industry. That is not exactly a glorious title, however we are very good at what we do because all our employees are very good at what they do.

To all those individuals who go to work, Mr. Duct Cleaner salutes you and wishes you a happy and healthy Labor Day.  Of course, we always wish you good indoor air quality!  Contact us for your FREE estimate.