Is the duct in the picture new or just clean?  Recently Mr. Duct Cleaner posted some before and after pictures on across our social media channels.  Someone commented that we “cheated” by taking a picture of a very dirty duct, and then replacing that dirty duct with a brand new duct. What a compliment!

Our processes are so good that by the time we are finished cleaning your HVAC and duct system, you won’t be able to tell if we cleaned your ducts or simply replaced them all with new! We do not cheat.  Every project, home, commercial building, restaurant, school, dormitory, apartment we clean receives before and after pictures so you can rest assured, we did our job well.  If you think we put brand new ducts in place, wow! What a deal you just got. This is said with SARCASM.

Mr. Duct Cleaner’s trained professional technicians are skilled at cleaning your entire HVAC and duct system.  Our equipment is specifically designed for cleaning all your ducts, HVAC systems and dryer vents. Your indoor air quality will be better after the cleaning.  You should experience savings in energy, since clean systems run better than dirty gummed up systems.

We provide customized FREE estimates.  Contact us to get your cleaning scheduled before the major summer heat gets here!