When do you need to get your duct and HVAC system cleaned?  Mr. Duct Cleaner knows it is typically when you have had an “event” happen.  Something that prompts you to improve the air quality or efficiency of your system.  “Event” can mean:

  • You finished a home remodel that put a lot of dirt and dust in the air.  A floor replacement, drywall repair, kitchen, or bath remodel.
  • You had a water leak or flood.  This could be as small as soaking a bathroom or kitchen floor and as big as whole home remediation.  Water that is not cleaned up and dried immediately can lead to fungal growth that permeates the air and finds its way to the ducts and HVAC system.  Get your leak dried up and the wet parts of your home remediated, then call in the Mr. Duct Cleaner professionals.
  • You are selling your property.  Mr. Duct Cleaner can clean your ducts and your HVAC units, then apply an ozone fog that can help make your home smell “new” again.
  • You are buying a property.  Unless the seller can provide you with a paid invoice from a reputable, professional, NADCA certified duct cleaning company, it is a good idea to call Mr. Duct Cleaner to clean all the ducts and HVAC units in the home.
  • You experienced a high humidity event.  Perhaps you lost power during hot weather. Perhaps your property has been left unattended and closed. Perhaps your system was left off for various reasons and now smells musty and dirty.
  • Someone in your home has become sensitive to allergens, mold spores, or other contaminants.
  • Relatives are visiting or the holidays are coming up and your system needs a good clean.
  • Your HVAC unit is replaced.  A spanking new unit deserves to have clean ducts to push the air through.
  • Your HVAC system has been using more energy and taking longer to cool or heat a particular area in your home.  Cleaning your HVAC system and ducts can increase your energy efficiency up to 30%.
  • You’ve lived in your home for over four years and you have never had it done.  It’s time to get that 40 lbs of dirt a year cleaned out and improve your indoor air quality.
  • You have decided to take control of your indoor air quality by installing an Aerus Air Scrubber.  Clean your duct and HVAC system before and have Mr. Duct Cleaner install the Air Scrubber to get the technology that NASA uses in your home. (link to Aerus air scrubber blog)

Have you had an event and need to get your ducts cleaned? Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner to set up your free estimate and get on our schedule.