There is an old business saying that holds true.  Good, Fast, Cheap.  You can only have two out of the three.  Mr. Duct Cleaner chooses Good and Fast.  We are not the cheapest.   Indoor air quality can impact your health.  The professionals at Mr. Duct Cleaner are specifically trained to clean your duct and HVAC system using specialized equipment.  We do it fast and good.  We are not the cheapest.

Most people understand this.  Would you rather have a cheap doctor or a good doctor?

When we give a customer our free estimate, there are a few times we are met with, “I can’t afford that”.  The question is “can you afford not to”?

Recently, our Arlington franchisee gave a quote to a customer who then chose to use one of the “Cheap” duct cleaners instead.  They received a text from the customer, “nothing got done properly and they are trying to charge me more than your quote, I am going to pay them just so they will leave.”  Going with the cheapest does not always give you the best result. We have since performed the work for the homeowner and are now scheduling her restaurant as well.

Mr. Duct Cleaner focuses on doing the job correctly and paying our technicians well for their hard work.  To use specialized equipment and provide employees that work for us full time, we must charge a fair price.  That fair price equates to value for the customer.  We want satisfied, repeat customers.   How often you get your ducts cleaned depends upon the demand on your system.  If you have a lot of pets, a lot of guests, a large family, or a highly allergic/sensitive occupant you should have it done more often.  Typically, every two or three years.

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