Special Discount for Veterans

Mr. Duct Cleaner Thanks You for Your Service

Your military service trained you in teamwork and problem solving, traits that will help you be a successful franchise owner. Mr. Duct Cleaner is the perfect transition to the civilian sector. Our emphasis on work life balance, our proven processes and our support will most likely lead to great outcomes for you and your family.

Veterans Discount Opportunities

Mr. Duct Cleaner is offering up to a 10% discount to honorably discharged veterans. Qualified candidates will receive up to $7,000 off their initial franchise fee!

Give our franchise sales team a call at 844-444-DUCT and let them know you are interested in the veteran’s program. Or send us an email to or simply fill out the form to the right so we can get the process started and answer any questions you may have. Communication is free.

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*Not all services are available in all territories. Consult your local Mr. Duct Cleaner for more information.