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Discovery, Training, Call Center, and Sales

Mr. Duct Cleaner wants you to work on your business, not in it. It is natural to want your business to grow and succeed. With the help of Team Support we will direct you to the most effective use of your time. Not everyone works the same or learns the same. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses the Harrison Assessment to help develop your skills and guide you to success.

We recognize that there are other costs for traveling besides monetary. We offer a “Virtual” discovery day and whenever possible will hold virtual training and meetings.

Mr. Duct Cleaner provides the ability to run your own business with a strong foundation of guidance and support from our team. Each Franchisee is assigned a business coach and guides you through our operations and training. We prioritize the needs of our franchisees and customize our tools and support, ensuring both yours and our success.

Our team goes beyond centralized team support. When you purchase your Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise you become part of the overall Mr. Duct Cleaner community. We encourage each franchise to share their knowledge and give each other support and guidance.

Mr. Duct Cleaner has developed a system that offers franchise partners the benefits of an established brand and the chance to start up quickly. We’ve made mistakes before and as a result have developed solutions. Our proven processes and team support allow you to start your business with potential referral customers already in place. We are paperless. You should be able to perform all your tasks simply with the use of a smart phone or a tablet.

Ongoing Support: When you succeed, we succeed.

Upon launching your Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise, you will complete a quick start training program. Whenever possible we will conduct virtual training. A week of in person training in Dallas is recommended.

Our experts are just a video call away from answering any questions you may have. Our step-by-step processes make it easy to train your team and get your franchise on the road to profitability.
Team support and your franchise community is here for you. We are invested in your growth and success. We are continuously improving our processes and updating our operations and training manual.

The Brand

Mr. Duct Cleaner is the best name in the duct cleaning and indoor air quality business. Our logo, vehicle wrap, and 844-444-DUCT number make it easy for customers to remember. Each wrapped vehicle communicates professionalism and is effectively a driving billboard and typically leads to approximately $10,000 in additional sales per vehicle per year.

The Process

Mr. Duct Cleaner processes differentiate us from our few competitors. Our professionalism and our care for the customer’s property is demonstrated by following our processes. From where your crew parks the work vehicle, how to enter a home, communicate with a property owner, how the job is started, performed, finished, collected for, the van packed up and the satisfied review is sent and posted to social media and much more.

Marketing Support

Our marketing team will help you set up your social media company pages and will make regular posts on your accounts that are designed to attract the right customers. You will have access to a full array of promotional materials, marketing strategies and customized campaigns to promote Mr. Duct Cleaner. You are supported with guidance and advice from team support. Our referral partner program leads to repeat business that simplifies the sales process.

Call Center Support

When customers call the 844-444-DUCT number, we help franchisee team member be responsive. We directly transfer to your line and if unanswered we will continue the sales process and send you the lead directly. Your potential customers can count on a knowledgeable human response every time.

Outbound Calling

Our team makes outbound calls to potential new referral partners, warming the leads for you. We know what is important to referral partners and we sell to their needs.


Because of our past experiences in duct cleaning and indoor air quality, we have chosen providers that make estimating, invoicing, payments and asking for reviews a seamless professional process. We are paperless. You should be able to perform all your tasks simply with the use of a smartphone or a tablet.

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*Not all services are available in all territories. Consult your local Mr. Duct Cleaner for more information.