When my kids were little and I told them to clean their rooms, they would shove all their dirty clothes, trash, etc. underneath their bed and pronounce the room CLEAN!  Out of sight, out of mind.  Eventually, their rooms began to smell.  They looked ok, but they did not SMELL ok.  About once a month I would have to have a grand reckoning and force them to clean under their beds.

Your HVAC and duct system is a bit like that.  Dirt, allergens, dust mites, mold, and other yucky things are accumulating in your ducts and HVAC units.  The air in your house circulates regularly through these.  The filter catches a bit, however, over the course of a year, NADCA estimates that close to 40 pounds of dirt accumulate in your HVAC system.

You do not see the dirt.  Your utilities do.  Dirty motors run less efficiently than clean motors.  NADCA estimates that cleaning your HVAC and duct system can lead to 20-30% energy savings.  Your home will smell better after Mr. Duct Cleaner cleans your duct and HVAC system.  For those lingering smells, like cigarette smoke, burnt food, decomposing plants, and other contributors, Mr. Duct Cleaner can fog your home with an OZONE component. This mildistat fog is not harmful to plants or people, however, it alleviates the nasty smells.

Unlike me and my children, Mr. Duct Cleaner does NOT recommend professional cleaning once per month.  It is recommended that every 2-3 years you have your duct and HVAC system professionally cleaned. Sooner if someone in your home is sensitive to allergens.

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