Mr. Duct Cleaner knows just because it is September does not mean mold stops growing in your HVAC system. The month of September is Mold Awareness month for a reason. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes September as National Mold Awareness Month. This month is designed to inform, educate, and raise awareness about the adverse health effects due to exposure to indoor molds.

Are you aware that fluctuations in your system from cool to hot could potentially mean that moisture can build up and mold can grow? As moist air sits in a system, if there are any mold spores present, they can multiply in the stagnant air. Once the system is turned on, your HVAC system could be blowing mold spores throughout your ducts. If the system turns back off, the traveling mold spores will begin growing in their new location and eventually mold can spread throughout your whole home.

For some people, mold in their air ducts may not cause a problem. Different people react differently to mold. For others who are sensitive to mold, the symptoms vary from headaches, dizziness, nausea, eye swelling, respiratory distress and many more. Seeing fungal growth in your HVAC system is like seeing a roach. Just as seeing one roach can signify a large nest elsewhere, a little bit of mold on the supply vent could signal a lot of molds in the inner systems of your HVAC unit.

Mr. Duct Cleaner is very aware of how mold grows in HVAC units and how it affects your indoor air quality. We can clean fungal growth from your system. We use professional equipment designed specifically for cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems. Once cleaned, we can fog your property with an antimicrobial fog to ensure that any active mold spores are deactivated. NOTE- We do NOT clean drywall. If the drywall has mold, we recommend calling a remediation company and having them cut it out and replace it.
Even if the fungal growth that is in your system is not mold, you still should probably have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned by Mr. Duct Cleaner. Contact us for your FREE Estimate.