Mr. Duct Cleaner is happy we are now able to eat inside at restaurants.  Covid has brought our attention to how clean our surroundings are.  When you walk in to sit down, you automatically look at the table, the chairs, the counters, and the floor to check it is clean before sitting down to dine.  Most people are missing half of the restaurant.  The top half.  Look up.  If you can see dirt and mold or fungal specks peaking out of the supply registers, you can bet that the ducts and HVAC system of the establishment has not been cleaned recently.  Maybe the outside of the vents has been wiped clean, however, if you look deeper into the vent you can see signs that the duct and HVAC system needs attention.

commercial duct cleaningBusy restaurants need to have their ducts and HVAC system cleaned more often.  Think about the pressure put on the HVAC system.  The more cooking gases and kitchen fumes there are, the more often you need to have your restaurant ducts cleaned.  Most insurance companies require the kitchen hoods to be cleaned regularly to prevent fires, however, there are typically no regulations on overall duct and HVAC system cleaning. The more people that are inside, eating, the dirtier the ducts get. (Unless the restaurant has had Aerus Air Scrubbers installed, then the deactivated virus and pathogens fall to the floor and get cleaned by the maintenance crew)

You need a professional to clean your restaurant ducts and HVAC system.  Mr. Duct Cleaner is experienced in both commercial and residential duct and HVAC system cleaning.   We understand that it is vital for your business to be operational during the cleaning process and we have flexible crews and schedules to meet your needs.  Our technicians are trained and have the back-up of our commercial division to help complete the job efficiently, on time, and on budget.

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