Mr. Duct Cleaner is very thankful.

It has been a rough last couple of years. COVID has changed the way we shop, the way we work and the way we get together. It has changed the way we think about germs, surfaces, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality. Mr. Duct Cleaner is thankful that our business has not only survived Covid, it has grown. This last year we have grown from one location to five and there are many more on the horizon.

We love our Franchisees and our team support. We all care about our customers and are thankful they trust us to clean ducts, HVAC systems and improve indoor air quality. We are thankful for our employees. Our workers are great. They learn quickly, adapt to circumstances and are professional. We are thankful every day they show up and do their job.

Because work life balance is important to us, we are taking the Thanksgiving holiday off to celebrate with our family, friends and loved ones. Do not worry, we will be back at it on the Monday following since we know somebody is going to burn a turkey, have a fried disaster or just needs to get that new smell out of their ducts before the December holidays start.

If you need to schedule your free estimate, contact us and we can take care of you the week after Thanksgiving.