Mr. Duct Cleaner Dads rock!

We love our dads

Father’s Day

It is that time of the year, Dad’s Day.  We take one Sunday and honor our fathers.  This is the time to give them the “Best Dad” mug, the “We love Pop” t-shirt, or if you are really creative give the gift of indoor air quality and have Mr. Duct Cleaner clean the entire HVAC system including the ducts in his house.  Contact us for your free estimate.

I lost my father many years ago.  No more cheesy gift-giving for me.  I try to take this day to remember some of the things he said to me:

“They call them accidents for a reason, otherwise they would be called ‘On Purposes’”

“You cannot choose your parents or your siblings, but you can choose your friends, so hang out with excellence and do not lay with pigs.”

“Tell the truth and do not be a tattletale or gossip.  That means you need to judge when to speak.”

What things does (or did) your dad say that you remember?  If your dad is alive, hug him for me.   Sure do miss you, dad.