Mother’s Day is this weekend.  Take my advice, DO NOT buy your mom duct cleaning.  No, I haven’t gone crazy, I do still work for Mr. Duct Cleaner.  I am smart enough however to recognize that duct cleaning as a gift has a time and a place and Mother’s Day is NOT IT.   Buying mom duct cleaning for Mother’s Day is comparable to buying mom a vacuum cleaner for her birthday.  “Here Mom, let’s get you a tool you can clean up after us with!”

If your ducts are dirty or if your mom is sensitive to fungal growth, mold, and allergens, then you should have bought her an HVAC and duct system cleaning way before her special day. If there is dust and dirt coming out of your vents because we know that 40 pounds of dirt ( tend to accumulate in the ducts per year, then get it cleaned NOW.  Do not wait for a special occasion.

Moms work 24/7.  Their jobs are never done. (I know, I am a mom of 5 children and a child of 6).  Mother’s Day is about appreciation and pampering for all the things they do year-round.  It is a time for flowers, candies, dinners that someone else has made and cleaned up after and special gifts-oooh I loved the handmade cards and macaroni pictures from my kids!  This is a time for bubble baths, foot massaging, facials, pedicures, and any other special treatment you can think of to give her.

Take care of Mom this weekend, and contact Mr. Duct Cleaner to schedule your FREE estimate sometime AFTER Mother’s Day.