As we head back to in-person schooling, we are more aware of how important good indoor air quality is to our health.  A recent article in the New York Times stated that better air quality in buildings can reduce COVID-19’s spread and even improve other health outcomes. But, despite readily available resources — including millions of dollars in funding from the federal government — many schools have not invested in upgrading their air quality.

Mr. Duct Cleaner recognizes that one of the easiest methods to better indoor air quality is to clean the school’s duct and HVAC system.  Our professional technicians can thoroughly clean the HVAC and duct system, typically improving indoor air quality and the efficiency of the system.

If you wish to have sustained clean air, Mr. Duct Cleaner can install an Aerus Air Scrubber into the units.  Every time the system is turned on, hydrogen peroxide purification ions will be emitted through the air.  These ions attach themselves to covid 19, mold, and other pathogens and deactivate them.  The inactive particles fall to the floor and are rendered harmless.  Aerus Air Scrubbers use the same technology that was developed for NASA and the space station.

Not sure if your school can afford it?

The same Times article mentions that major federal funding is available for schools to improve their air quality, thanks to the American Rescue Plan. But many schools haven’t done resource-intensive upgrades, according to a June report from the CDC.