Mr. Duct Cleaner wishes all the Moms a Happy Mother’s Day.  No selling, no pushing indoor air quality, no asking you to buy your mom HVAC and duct cleaning, just a simple Thank You mom.

I lost my mom about 7 years ago.   We were not that close compared to other families.  She was a very independent person and she raised 6 children to be independent as well.  That independence sometimes came across as cold and uncaring.  But she was always there if I needed her.

The more days I spend on this planet, the more I recognize some of the gifts she gave me. And as my children age, I see some of those traits in them as well.   I catch myself saying or doing something she used to do.  For all the gifts and talents, the ability to take risks and have fun, for all the good memories, thanks, mom.  In honor of you, I enclose my favorite picture of you, riding that jet ski at the age of 82.

If your mom is still alive, hug and celebrate her.  On this day, when my mom cannot be physically with me, I thank her and hope she hears me up in heaven through the din of the baseball game she is watching.