Just because it is fall doesn’t mean your HVAC system and ducts are suddenly clean.  In fact, turning your HVAC system off allows any mold spores trapped inside to begin to accumulate.  Switching from cooling to OFF, to heating allows the microbial and mold spores to form from moisture, settle into your ducts and then blow through the warm air and spread through your entire system.  Fall is the perfect time to worry about indoor air quality and do something about it.  Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner and get your HVAC unit and ducts cleaned.   We can typically clean your system in one day and use our expertise and techniques to ensure that your HVAC system is clean and running properly, ready for any temperature or weather.

You might be thinking because you live in a dryer climate that your ducts are “naturally” clean, and you do not have to worry about indoor air quality.  We do not like to think about what causes the dirt in our homes. Your skin flakes daily, your hair and your pets’ hair fall out, cooking smells accumulate, dust mites grow, and allergens and viruses can be in the air.  Dirt still happens in dry climates.  Whether your system is used to heat or cool does not matter, it still circulates air and sucks in particles.

Fall is a perfect time to clean your system.   The temperature outside usually makes it bearable.  Open your windows, turn your HVAC off and get Mr. Duct Cleaner to clean your ducts and the entire system.  Your HVAC will run more efficiently, and your sinuses will thank you.

Contact a Mr. Duct Cleaner in your area for a FREE estimate.  Fall is the perfect time to improve your indoor air quality.