Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that most holiday smells are good.  Pumpkin spice, holly, peppermint, evergreen, burned turkey, mold, and dead skin.  What?  Nobody wants the burnt dinner smell, the wet animal or mold smell, or the dank dungeon smell in their holiday home! And yet, those smells can linger in your HVAC and air duct system.

horrible stale holiday smells

You most likely have guests coming over for the holidays. Although you might have gotten used to the smell, if you could smell it, they can smell it. You cannot easily clean it up yourself.  Wiping off your return and your vent covers are not going to fix it.  Spraying an air freshener can help for a quick minute, however, the best way to get rid of the smell is to have your duct and HVAC system cleaned by Mr. Duct Cleaner professionals.

Not only does Mr. Duct Cleaner clean duct and HVAC systems, but we can also fog your entire system with an ozone odor remover or a mildistat to kill any hidden spores we missed.  We can also install a relatively affordable Aerus Air Scrubber that can continue to cleanse your air, sending out air purification warriors (hydrogen peroxide molecules) throughout your whole home every time you turn your system on.  These attach themselves to bad particles and deactivate them so they drop out of the air.

Our technicians are employed and trained by us.  They utilize professional equipment, use foot covers and put down plastic to protect your belongings as they clean.   We provide flexibility and stand ready to clean your home and do our best to rid your HVAC and duct system of nasty smells,  just in time for your guests.

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