What does the dirt behind the refrigerator have to do with the dirt in your ducts?  If dirt can get there, then certainly dirt can accumulate in your ducts over time.

My daughter recently purchased a big new house. It is beautiful and looked very clean on the walk-through.  She decided to have the house repainted and the painters pulled the refrigerator out in order to paint the wall behind it. There was a major accumulation of dirt and debris.  Of course, my daughter had the debris swept up and the floor cleaned before putting the refrigerator back. The area under the fridge is typically not a high-traffic area, however, dirt tends to settle and move over time.

Now think about how dirt can accumulate in a high-traffic area. Ducts are used every day.  Dirt, allergens, dust mites, mold, and other contaminants are accumulating in your ducts and HVAC units.  The air in your house circulates regularly through these.  The filter catches a bit, however, over the course of a year, NADCA estimates that close to 40 pounds of dirt accumulate in your HVAC system.

If you are getting a new HVAC unit, it is the perfect opportunity to clean your ducts! If your current AC is working strong.  If someone in your household is allergy sensitive, perhaps it is time to get your ducts cleaned. Just as cleaning your drains gets the dirty water out of your home faster, cleaning your ducts helps clean the dirty air out from inside your home quicker.   Your whole HVAC system will run more efficiently.

Getting your ducts and HVAC system cleaned by a NADCA-certified professional is easy. Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner for your Free Estimate.  Don’t push the refrigerator back into the dirt.