Did you know that most insurance companies will pay for HVAC and Duct system cleaning when there has been a property damage claim requiring remodeling or water cleanup?

Pipes Frozen, Water Damage, What Next? Do not overlook cleaning your HVAC system and air ducts after you have had a major clean-up, remodel, or remediation in your house.  And don’t forget to insist that your insurance company pay for it as part of the total cleaning and recovery process.

Does your floor or drywall need replacing?  That kind of remodeling throws up dust, dirt, and contaminants into the air. Insurance companies understand that during clean-up and remediation, spores or contaminants become airborne and will circulate through the home’s HVAC system regardless of if the system is on or off.

Most people do not realize the odor is primarily activated by heat. Once the heat has been applied this can and will activate odors issues that were not previously present before the freeze or flooding. In fact, most recurring odor issues due to remediation and restoration can be solved by performing duct and HVAC system cleaning as part of their process upfront. This can reduce warranty calls and expenses that later may not be paid by insurance or third-party providers.

Since the pandemic, we have become more aware and sensitive to indoor air quality.  We are concerned not only about what our guests are bringing inside our home but also about what outside/foreign contaminants contractors might be bringing into the home.  Make sure to have your HVAC and duct system cleaning included as part of the initial cleanup plan.

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