Are you replacing your HVAC system unit?  Mr. Duct Cleaner wants to know if you plan on cleaning your ducts.  No?  Yuck.  That is like getting a new refrigerator and NOT cleaning the dirt on the floor that has accumulated beneath it before you slide the new one in its place.

Most likely over forty pounds of dirt, dust, and fungus have accumulated in your ducts.  When you attach the existing ducts to that brand-new shiny HVAC unit, don’t you want to make sure they are clean as well?  That way, when you turn it all on, the old dirt does not push through your beautiful, new, efficient, clean HVAC unit.

Your HVAC technician most likely does not want to clean up the ducts.  They get paid to be technically proficient at installation and maintaining your HVAC unit and system, not at cleaning the ducts.  Mr. Duct Cleaner only cleans ducts and HVAC units.  Our technicians are taught to use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean your ducts.  If you are only replacing one of two or more units, we will be happy to clean the other units so they can hopefully last longer and run more efficiently with clean coils and motors.

Mr. Duct Cleaner works with a lot of trusted HVAC installers. Most of the time, you can get the duct cleaning as part of the installation of new and get the whole project financed.  If your HVAC person is not aware of us, put us in touch with them and we will be happy to start a new relationship with them.  If you need a new HVAC unit and want a trusted opinion on who is the best HVAC provider, contact us and we will refer you to the finest.

The bottom line is don’t put your new refrigerator on a dirty floor and don’t put a new HVAC unit in without getting your ducts cleaned.

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