Breathing the Same Air Over and Over

Stuck inside with dirty air

Am I breathing the same air over and over?

Are you sitting in an enclosed air space?  Happy to be cool and away from the heat and mugginess outside?  Do you realize you are breathing the same air over and over again?  Yes, it circulates.  The dirty air gets sucked in through the return duct and goes into the HVAC unit.  The filter catches a little bit of the dirt, the big stuff. Until it clogs, then you change it and knockabout some more dirt and dust that falls back into the system.  The particles that make it past the filter go through your system, out through your supply ducts, and back into the air you breathe.  That return duct just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier.  Just as dust accumulates on your floor and furniture, it also accumulates in your HVAC system.  What does that do to your indoor air quality?

Think about the moisture part.  When the air gets condensed and cooled, moisture gets created.  That is why in the summer months when you run your car’s air conditioning and then park it, a puddle forms on the pavement.  The moisture needs to go somewhere.  And down is the most likely direction.  That is why your air conditioning system has a drain and drain pan.  The moisture is a prime place for mold and other growths to occur.  Especially if there is a problem with the drain.  You start to get a “musty” smell in the air.

What to do?  Whenever it is comfortable, open a window.  Air out your house.  Bring in new air. The more closed your system is the more often you should change your filter.  If you have a problem with your HVAC system that causes leaks, get a reputable HVAC company to fix it.

The best thing to do is to have Mr. Duct Cleaner, your professional HVAC system cleaner, clean your ducts and your HVAC system.  If we find any major problems, we will alert you and recommend some of our trusted HVAC repair partners.  It will not cost you any money to have our technician come to your home and give you an estimate.   Contact us to schedule your FREE estimate.