Congratulations to Austin North and South owner Julie Preston for completing her NADCA ASCS certification!  This is no small task.  Julie studied many a long hour and went in person to take her test.  Most people fail on the first try, but not Julie! Yeah!

What Does NADCA Certified Mean?

Mr. Duct Cleaner is NADCA Certified.  NADCA is the acronym for National Air Duct Cleaners Association.  In most states, duct and HVAC system cleaning is not regulated.  Someone could use a shop vac, broom tool, and rags to clean part of your ducts and call it “done”.  When a company joins NADCA and gets certified it signals they are ethical, thorough and follow the best practices of duct and HVAC cleaning.

Julie had a little help.  Her husband Terry Preston is NADCA certified as well.  The two of them are becoming powerhouses in the Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchising world.  They own their original franchise, Mr. Duct Cleaner Fort Worth, and now they own two more territories, Austin North, and Austin South.

NADCA Members Follow a Higher Standard.

When done correctly, HVAC cleaning is a very beneficial service for your home or business. NADCA’s dedication to quality assurance helps ensure and promote a higher standard of performance for all its members.

Mr. Duct Cleaner franchisees must meet strict requirements to be a member of NADCA. The company must:

  • have at least one NADCA-certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff
  • maintain general liability insurance
  • agree to clean according to ACR, and the NADCA Standards and comply with NADCA’s Code of Ethics. If a company is not going to clean according to NADCA’s standards, this must be communicated to the buyer at the time of sale.

The Austin Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise is required to be NADCA certified. Our employees are not subcontracted.  They are trained to use professional equipment designed specifically to clean duct and HVAC systems.  They can be trusted to do the job correctly and completely. We also offer additional products and services designed to improve indoor air quality.

We have many years of experience in both residential and commercial duct and HVAC system cleaning.  No property is too big or too small.  All are completed using the processes and recommendations from NADCA.  We are proud to belong to such a professional organization.

Congratulations again to Julie Preston.  We know you did not need a certificate to show your knowledge and integrity, however, it is sort of nice to have it on paper from a third-party trade standards organization.

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