Air Filters are like Doormats

Change your air filter often

Change your air filter monthly

When is the last time you replaced your air filter in your HVAC unit?  Most manufacturers recommend changing these monthly.  At Mr. Duct Cleaner we know that changing your air filter when the rest of your system hasn’t been cleaned in years is like changing the doormat to your kitchen while leaving the whole kitchen floor dirty, dusty and muddy.  All that happens is the dirt eventually gets transferred back to your doormat.

It is better to get the entire HVAC system cleaned, including the ducts, then change the filter (doormat).   Once the system is cleaned, changing the filter once per month can help keep it that way.  But do not expect changing the filter in a dirty system to instantly clean your air.

Air Conditioning and heating units should be thoroughly cleaned every three to four years depending on how diligent you have been about changing the air filters.  Cleaning only your ducts (not the HVAC unit) is comparable to mopping half your kitchen floor.

Mr. Duct Cleaner has an HVAC license and specializes in improving the air quality in your home or office by cleaning the ENTIRE HVAC system.   Contact us for your FREE estimate.