Cheap duct cleaners are one of our best salespersons.  Almost every day, Mr. Duct Cleaner gets a call from someone who tried to use a cheap duct cleaning and is unhappy with the results.  Cheap vendors always cost more. So much so, Mr. Duct Cleaner has tracked the top 5 complaints:

  1. Bait and Switch. They came in and immediately told me how much “EXTRA” my house would be to clean. They told me there was mold all over my system and it was going to cost four times the original advertised rate.
  2. Don’t Use Regular Employees. The guys that came in were not wearing any kind of uniform and when I asked them how long they had been working for the company they just shrugged their shoulders.  I don’t think the company had any idea who they were allowing to do the work and they certainly were not trained well.
  3. Not Insured.  I asked to see their business insurance and they hemmed and hawed around and eventually just left without doing the work.  I’m not letting anyone in my home that doesn’t have insurance.
  4. Not NADCA Certified.  The crew they sent to clean my ducts had no idea what they were doing.  When I asked them for credentials, knowing that there is a National Association of Duct Cleaners (NADCA), they looked at me as if I was crazy!  I don’t think they even know that NADCA exists as a teaching and professional organization for professional HVAC and duct cleaners.
  5. Crummy Equipment. They showed up with hangers and a shop vac and rags.  Oh, and this tool thing that hooked to a drill and looked as if it had been purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart for the “do it yourselfers”.

Mr. Duct Cleaner is happy you have decided to have the lungs of your home (your HVAC and duct system) cleaned.  However, make sure you choose a company that is going to do a good job.  Mr. Duct Cleaner has been performing HVAC and duct cleaning jobs for over 12 years.  We are NADCA certified, and we use professional equipment and trained technicians.  Contact us for your FREE estimate.