Your Home Is Not Wearing A Mask

House needs a mask

This house needs more than a mask

What happens to the dust and dirt that is created and circulated when your home is being remodeled?  It gets sucked into your HVAC system!  Just like your nose can suck up Covid 19 when uncovered, your house can suck up the muck into your ducts and heating and air conditioning units.

Does your house look like this after the great freeze?  Are you dealing with flood-cut drywall and ripped-up floors? Remodeling, remediating, refurbishing, and constructing?  All the work folks come in and run their power equipment and traps in and out of the house, busily working to get your home back to normal.  What happens to the dust, dirt, mold, and viruses they bring in? The dirt that is under your carpet, hardwood floors, and walls? The workmen are wearing a mask but your house is not.  A filter can only do so much, not to mention how dirty the return air duct is that carries the air to your HVAC unit.

After the remodel, Mr. Duct Cleaner recommends a good thorough cleaning of your ducts and HVAC system.   We are professionals and know how to clean all your supply and return ducts and your entire HVAC system efficiently and effectively.   We are the maids of your ducts and HVAC systems.  Cleaning after repairs and remodel can improve your indoor air quality and improve your air conditioning unit’s energy consumption.  Units work a lot better if they are not clogged with dirt and dust.  Spending a bit of money now on a deep cleaning can lead to savings and good health later.

Mr. Duct Cleaner gives free estimates.  Contact us and save your place.  We can get you an estimate as the repair work is going on so when it is finished, you can schedule your cleaning.